Welcome to my Monkey Business!


Thanks for dropping by my sliver of the interwebs!  My name is Gerald and I’m an IT guy living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  This used to be my business website, but I lost the domain name and just recently reacquired it.  Hopefully I don’t lose it again.  Anyway, I’ve got a new business name and website, one that a (tiny) bit more professional.  So what to do with this domain eh?  Well, originally the site was just for my random rumblings about my every day life, which was 90% computer related and 10% everything else.  Well, time and maturity have rendered that more of a 50/50 blend now, so I’ve split off all of my computer or technology related rantings here and everything else on my other website.  Check it out if you’re interested.

So a little more about me to give you an idea of whether or not you want to keep going through my site.  I’m married with kids, work with computers, love to read sci-fi/fantasy books, watch a ton of netflix (currently watching Dexter… again) and am about to return to school to earn a masters degree in applied computer science.  Oh, and I’ve been a CyberPatriot mentor for a high school cyber security club for the last five years.  I started mentoring because at the time I was a supervisor and didn’t to much technical work.  I’ve been lucky enough to become a one man shop at work now, but I’m still doing more management/planning work than actual monkeying around (get used to it; it’s going to be a recurring theme on this site)

I don’t really have a theme yet for this blog, so it’ll be a mash up of technical topics I am interested in.  Hopefully after a few posts I’ll start to see a common theme of interest and will focus from there.  If you find something interesting, let me know and I’ll keep tabs on what my fellow netizens want to read about.